Eddie Murphy Doesn’t Care About Popularity

Published October 6th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

FunnymanEddie Murphy doesn't care what people say about him, 

because he knows he's a success. 

The Beverly Hills Cop has just released Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, set to be a huge international hit, but his feet are firmly on the ground and he keeps a level head about success. 

He says, "as long as I can make a living for my family and 

maintain my lifestyle, I'm fine. All this, 'Who's hot, who's not'  

business is bull. 

"For God's sake, it never got to the point where people would see 

me on the street and go, 'Hey Eddie Murphy, f*** you!'" 

And the actor, married to beautiful model Nicole Mitchell, takes a dim view of his critics. 

He says, "the strangest thing I ever hear is when people say my 

career is in trouble. How can some journalist look at my career and 

ask if it's in decline? 

"Why don't they write that s*** about Christian Slater? He's made about 30 bad movies. So what if my career dies? I stopped thinking in terms of career about $80 million ago. "If it ends, I'll sit home, chill and raise babies” – Wenn. 

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