Egypt wants Hamas, Fatah to ratify agreement next month

Published September 29th, 2009 - 06:28 GMT

The leader of Hamas said Egypt would present it and its rival Fatah faction with a reconciliation deal to be ratified next month. According to Reuters, Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal told reporters after "very positive" talks with Egyptian officials in Cairo on Monday that Egypt would introduce a plan to be presented to Hamas and its rival Fatah group of President Mahmoud Abbas.


"(Egyptian intelligence chief Omar) Suleiman told us that the Egyptians will be working on the final draft for the reconciliation plan which will have at its heart the Egyptian proposal and they will call on all Palestinian factions for a national meeting in October to ratify the pact," Meshaal said.


A dispute over the mutual detention of hundreds of each groups supporters was one of the reasond to block progress in the talks. "We heard a clear Egyptian commitment to provide a specific mechanism to release the detainees," Meshaal conveyed.

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