Egyptian feminist Nawal El-Saadawi calls for legalization of prostitution in Egypt

Published July 20th, 2016 - 05:00 GMT
Egyptian doctor, author, and women's rights activist Nawal el-Saadawi. (AFP/File)
Egyptian doctor, author, and women's rights activist Nawal el-Saadawi. (AFP/File)

In her 15th forum hosted by Heliopolis Public Library last night, Egyptian feminist writer Nawal el-Saadawi has called on legalizing prostitution in Egypt to help the society to get rid of it.

"Prostitution is a pus, and it's better to admit its existence rather than hide it." The controversial activist and author said in her forum. "Secret businesses of prostitution should be brought to light and be put under the government's supervision in order to remove this pus."

Al-Saadawi, who is also a physician, further-explained that as long as the society suffers from moral duplicity, "a moral conduct for the men and another for the women," prostitution would not cease to exist. "We need to get rid of this moral duplicity and adopt only one moral conduct."

Prostitution in Egypt has been illegal since 1951. It was first legalized and answerable to the government in 1840s when 'whorehouses' [brothels] used to pay taxes to the ministry of interior and were subject to surprise inspections. Currently, prostitution and adultery is legally punishable with up to three years and six months in jail respectively. 

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