Egyptian Islamist Party Suspended

Published May 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Egypt's political parties watchdog suspended the activities of the country's only Islamist party on Saturday until an internal power is resolved, a parliamentary source said. 

The body also suspended the Labour Party's bi-weekly newspaper Al-Shaab and any other publications it runs, the state-owned MENA news agency said. 

The government Parties Committee was ruling on a power struggle between party factions which support two different candidates for chairman against the current one, Ibrahim Shukri. 

The committee decided Saturday not to recognise any of the factions pending a resolution of the struggle "via the courts or via an amicable agreement," the parliamentary source said. 

The split in the party followed accusations in Egypt's government press that it was inciting students at Cairo's Al-Azhar university to demonstrate against the recent republication of a "blasphemous" novel by Syrian writer Haidar Haidar. 

Some 50 students were injured last week when protests turned violent and more than 100 were arrested -- CAIRO (AFP). 


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