Embargoed until 23rd July 2008, European Media and Marketing Survey Summer 2008 Results

Published July 23rd, 2008 - 01:54 GMT

Embargoed until 23rd July 2008
European Media and Marketing Survey Summer 2008 Results

CNN International is First Choice News Channel to Connect with TV and Online Audiences

Overall lead in EMS Select positions CNN as #1 television vehicle for advertisers seeking to reach frequent business travellers and business decision makers

CNN International maintains its top position as the destination of choice for advertisers wanting to reach upscale television and online audiences across Europe, as more and more people consume news in the digital space. The news comes as the EMS (European Media and Marketing Survey) 2008 results, which measure daily, weekly and monthly audience reach among the main income earners in the top 20% of households from January to December 2007, are released.

The latest figures confirm CNN International’s strength in several areas:

• CNN International is the number one television vehicle for brands looking to reach EMS 16* audiences, leading all channels with its monthly reach of 33.4%.

• CNN International is also leads the way for combined television and online reach for EMS 16 audiences, with a reach of 37.1%, which rises to 50.6% when considering the elite EMS Select audience.

The following figures confirm CNN International’s leading position in EMS Select. EMS Select measures the top 3% of earners across Europe.**

• CNN International retains its overall lead over its competitors in daily (6%), weekly (23%) and monthly (45.7%) television reach for EMS Select, the core audience for CNN’s commercial partners. With an EMS Select monthly reach of 45.7%, CNN International records an 8.4 percent point lead over its nearest competitor, BBC World. CNN’s weekly and daily reach in EMS Select is 3.5 and 1.4 percentage points higher respectively, than its nearest competitor, Euro News.***

• In EMS Select, CNN International remains the top choice news channel in daily, weekly and monthly reach frequent business travellers and business decision makers. In monthly reach, CNN connects with 60.3% of frequent business travelers, ahead of BBC World (52.7%) and Euronews (42.2 %). CNN International reaches 50.4% of Europe’s business decision makers, ahead of BBC World (41.0%) and Euronews (36.4%).

“We’re pleased to retain our overall lead in EMS Select, proving we continue to be the channel of choice for opinion formers, international decision makers and C-suite viewers. With audiences consuming more and more news in the digital space, it’s great that our combined TV and online reach puts us at number one”, commented Didier Mormesse, SVP Ad Sales Research, Development and Audience Insight. “We expect 2008 to play out even more strongly for the news channels generally, in light of the year’s compelling news agenda to date”.

“EMS is the ‘currency’, but our advertisers also look at factors such as brand reputation, digital environment and proven client service to judge whether a media solution is a credible sell. Advertisers have never needed to be more accountable for ROI and we’re committed to delivering innovative, integrated campaigns with tangible results”, commented Jonathan Davies, EVP, CNN International.

CNN International also offers a suite of client and industry-specific research services to its advertisers including post-campaign Advertising Effectiveness Studies, a growing portfolio of Online Consumer Surveys, and bespoke joint research initiatives.

Last year, CNN International launched the Tourism Advertising Solutions & Knowledge (TASK) Group to offer clients the best breed of strategic advice to enhance their brand building efforts. CNN’s clients also benefit from working with Turner Commercial Productions (TCP), CNN Ad Sales’ in-house creative services group. At a time when advertisers are looking for cost-effective one-stop solutions, the group produces cross-media commercial material as a value ad for clients – from microsites and billboards to traditional television spots.

CNN International is the inaugural sponsor of Synovate’s first digital consumption survey, EMS/PAX Digital Life, due for publishing in September this year. Didier Mormesse, SVP Ad Sales Research and Development & Audience Insight commented, “The implementation of EMS Digital Life for the first time gives a nod to the increasingly integral role that digital technology plays in people’s lives. CNN’s multi-platform offering continues to be innovative and compelling for both audiences and advertisers alike and we look forward to the audience insights that the Digital Life survey will offer.”

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