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Published December 2nd, 2009 - 02:00 GMT

The Image Maker, a UAE headquartered, business development company has announced EmiratesRevealed.com in honour of the seven Rulers of the Emirates and the President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the incredible achievements of the nation.  The new interactive online photography portal is the largest photo and video interactive portal ever created that is dedicated to images of the United Arab Emirates.  The announcement coincides with UAE National Day on 2 December.  EmiratesRevealed.com forms part of a global trilogy comprising Emirates Revealed – The TV documentary being produced by the prestigious Discovery Channel and Emirates Revealed – The Book, all launching in 2010.


The brainchild of Ms Yasmeen Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, The Image Maker, EmiratesRevealed.com provides a user-friendly site where visitors can both download and upload images and participate in chat forums with instant sharing of these images.


“The site was created out of exhaustive research on what communicates best on a global level.  Images and film speak a thousand words and cross all cultural boundaries,” said Ms Stewart.


According Ms Stewart, the site is intended for use by both consumers and professionals.


“The aim is to stimulate the economy of the UAE with this site. First, by showing the diversity of the country by covering all seven Emirates. Further, the site is broken down into all areas of life in the UAE from culture to the UAE global charity vision.” she explained.


Advertising agencies and marketing professionals experience day to day challenges locating high quality images for the development of campaigns and branding.  EmiratesRevealed.com simplifies the process, offering a wide selection of only the highest quality images all in one place.


This unique interactive ecommerce portal has been designed to showcase the culturally rich and diverse United Arab Emirates, its extraordinary standard of living and lifestyle, as well as its rapid economic development which promises a future even more exciting and dynamic than its past.


Visitors to the site will be immersed in the visual panorama of the Emirates.   Whether a traveler, planning to visit the Emirates who is researching online to get a feel for the destination, a student sourcing images for an assignment or an advertising agency, EmiratesRevealed.com is poised to become the most recognized image library on the UAE globally.


“We are including images of not only Dubai but all of the Emirates equally.  There is a focus on the everyday life of the people and as well as art, architecture, history, famous landmarks and cultural events.”


On launch (slated for 31 March 2010) EmiratesRevealed.com will be the most comprehensive collection of images made available at the click of a mouse.  


“We are also promoting local talent on the site with direct links to the local photographers, developers and government agencies responsible for the work in the images and footage.” said Ms Stewart.


EmiratesRevealed.com is actively utilizing social viral media as a platform to drive awareness, with links to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 


 “Search engine optimization is a crucial part of our roll out plan, ensuring a high ranking when users search for the UAE or UAE-related topics; when you use Google search or any other search engine all the UAE images will cover the page.  Through this project we aim to introduce an accurate image of the UAE to a global audience, both media and individuals, making the UAE a vision of inspiration in the new Middle East.” she added.


EmiratesRevealed.com has teamed up with industry leaders such as Corbis and local representatives Graph East.

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