ESKADENIA Software sponsors the IPv6 Forum-Jordan

ESKADENIA Software sponsors the IPv6 Forum-Jordan
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Published August 11th, 2010 - 09:51 GMT

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IPv6 Forum-Jordan Chapter

The IPv6 Forum-Jordan programme featured a number of influential keynote speakers who stressed on the concern of the depletion of the IPv4, and pointed out that the only readily available long-term solution to the address exhaustion problem is the transition of the internet to IPv6.

The forum also introduced about 40 technical presentations organised in parallel sessions based on peer-reviewed accepted papers.

ESKADENIA Software's sponsorship of the IPv6 Forum-Jordan Chapter comes inline with the company's efforts to keep up with all technology updates relevant to its business, and think ahead of any industry concerns that need to be attended to in advance to eliminate risk..

"We are pleased to have such workshops in Jordan, since IPv6 is expected to provide better and richer networks in terms of access, availability, security and performance. This will surely open the door for an infinite number of applications in the telecom and Internet industries" said Amal Al Sadi, Wireless Software Department Manager. 

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