Esmod Dubai launches “Green Fashion” contest as part of new academic year

Published October 4th, 2009 - 03:31 GMT


Students of the French Fashion University Esmod in Dubai are set to kick start the academic year 2009-10 on October 4, 2009 by taking part in a “green fashion” contest. The competition, which is open to the Esmod International Network, will require students to create dresses using a special fabric called Han-ji that is known to last for more than hundred years, and will also be an opportunity for students from Esmod Dubai to work with global fashion houses. Meanwhile, Esmod Dubai also revealed that registration for its three-year fashion program, six-month and three-month workshops and make-up courses will be open until October 11th, 2009.


“We believe that this ‘green fashion’ contest will raise awareness about the need to cut the fashion industry’s environmental and carbon footprint and highlight the importance of using more sustainable fibers and fabrics. On the long run, sustainable fashion is better for the earth, for people and animals, as the key to this concept is to design clothes that have a long life, are easy to recycle and clean. As far as this contest is concerned, we have high expectations from students of Esmod Dubai and we wish them the best,” said Tamara Hostal, Founder & Director, FFUE-Dubai.


For the ‘green fashion’ contest, the participating students can take up to a month to create the design and stitch the dress using the special fabric made from a pure white fiber called Han-Ji that is obtained from a Korean tree called Dak –believed to have a lifespan of up to 1,000 years. Han-Ji, known for its exceptional quality and durability, was in fact used by Koreans in the past to cover their windows for protection against heat and cold.


The special qualities of Han-ji encouraged scientists to conduct extensive research on the fabric. The findings showed that Han-ji actually could protect the human skin from ailments by acting as an anti bacterial and antibiotic agent – prompting its use in socks and bed sheets – which makes it a hugely popular fabric in the global fashion industry.   


After involving the first graduating batch of “made in UAE” fashion designers last June in a high profile fashion show at Wafi mall, Esmod Dubai’s current focus is on an ongoing student activity program that will open new horizons for the region’s fashion minds and nurture a greater number of fashionistas to particularly represent the Arab world worldwide.


Since its inception in 2006, a steadily growing number of students have been joining Esmod Dubai, which aims to tap into the region’s booming fashion industry and the steady drift of the Middle Eastern consumer towards haute couture. The Dubai campus now embraces students from 47 different countries, of which over 40 per cent are GCC nationals and UAE locals. The number of students is expected to grow further this year as the university has planned several initiatives to help its graduates find attractive job opportunities with globally known fashion names.

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