Five Palestinians Killed in Settler Attack, Internal Conflict; Seven Wounded by Booby Trap

Published August 17th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Israeli settlers apparently killed a Palestinian driver and injured six passengers when they threw stones at his taxi south of Nablus in the West Bank on Thursday. 

According to Haaretz and reports, the incident took place at about 4:30pm near the village of Al Sawiya, as the cab was heading north from Ramallah to Nablus.  

Rescue crews arriving at the scene initially assumed the incident was a drive-by shooting. However, the passengers told the traffic police that people inside a light-colored vehicle with Israeli license plates traveling in the opposite direction threw a rock at the taxi and continued southward.  

Police investigators found a large stone in the car which matched the crack on the windshield. The driver apparently was not hit by the stone but rather was caught off guard, causing him to lose control and crash. 




A quarrel between rival Palestinian families in Nablus has left four people dead.  

The trouble started when members of the Musalem clan from the village of Talfit arrived at Rafidia Hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus, after the body of the killed taxi driver, identified by Haaretz as Kamal Musalem, 52, was brought there.  

At the hospital, Musalem's relatives came face to face with Tayal Furej, 36, a senior Palestinian Authority official from the same village, who had a history of conflict with the Musalems.  

Hospital staff said that Kamal's cousin, Ayman Musalem, drew a pistol and fatally shot Faraj, who was the director of the Palestinian ministry of religious affairs and a member of the high committee of the Fateh movement.  

Faraj’s companions opened fire with a variety of automatic weapons, killing Ayman, 22, his father, Aref, 50, and Ahmed Musalem, 45.  

Six people, described as innocent bystanders, were wounded in the cross fire. Palestinian police arrested several suspects, and officials pledged a full inquiry. 

Also in Nablus, seven Palestinians were lightly wounded late Thursday when a mobile phone exploded in Nablus, according to Palestinian medical sources. 

One of the wounded, Ibrahim Hbeisha, said his mobile phone exploded just as he was about to use it. 

Hbeisha is a member of Fateh, the movement headed by Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, but does not hold an official position in the group and is not known to be active in Fateh's armed wing. 

The six others were standing close by and hit by flying pieces of the telephone. 

AFP also reported that two more Palestinians were injured when an anti-tank missile exploded in the West Bank city – 


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