Berlin airport cancels flight amid strike

Published January 25th, 2023 - 09:27 GMT
Berlin-Brandenburg Airport

ALBAWABA - Air traffic was disrupted at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) early Wednesday as a result of an airport workers' strike.

Some flights were postponed at BER, and several flights were diverted to airports in Dresden and Leipzig, as a result of a strike by airport employees of several categories. 

The airport announced a few days ago that it expects that most of the flights would be cancelled on Wednesday. Airlines were forced at the time to reschedule their flights.

According to circulating information, the strike came as a result of a call from the ver.di union for airport employees to stop working following a wage dispute.

It is said that the union demands an increase of more than $500 on wages for its employees; as a result of prevailing economic conditions, as well as some other demands regarding improvements in working conditions.

This strike is considered the most severe in years, especially since more than 300 flights have been interrupted as a result.

The strike included airport employees in ground services, aviation security, and airport company workers. It is expected to continue until the end of the business day Wednesday, but it is not clear if it may be extended.

Ver.di is a German trade union, employing thousands of workers in Germany. It is considered the second largest German trade union.

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