Flood Disaster Costs Yemen $7.9 Million

Published May 6th, 2021 - 11:53 GMT
flood disaster caused huge damages in the Tarim District in Hadramout
A picture taken on May 3, 2021, the aftermath of flash floods in the city Tarim in Yemen's central province of Hadramawt. Four people have been killed in flash floods following heavy rains in the historic Yemeni city of Tarim, state media said. The city, located in the central province of Hadramawt, is best known for its mud-brick structures and more than 360 mosques including Al-Mehdar, which has the tallest minaret in the country. STR / AFP
flood disaster caused $7.9 million damages in Yemen

Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdelmalik Saeed has directed $7.9 million be approved urgently for the damage caused by the flood disaster in the Tarim District in Hadramout, state news agency SABA reported.

The prime minister visited the district on Wednesday to inspect the damage caused by the flooding and listened to a number of affected citizens who spoke about the material damages it caused.

Local residents called on the government and local authority to do their part towards those affected and take actions to prevent the recurrence of the disaster.

The prime minister indicated funds will be allocated to those affected by the floods, and repair the damaged services and infrastructure.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the recurrence of the floods, especially in Tarim, require sustainable solutions.

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