Florida governor to compete in presidential race

Published May 24th, 2023 - 09:41 GMT
Florida governor to compete in presidential race

ALBAWABA - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially submitted a request, on Wednesday, to compete with former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential race, AFP reported.

DeSantis, known for his conservative policies and rising popularity among Republican voters, has expressed his desire to bring his leadership and vision to the national stage.

Through his official request, DeSantis aims to challenge the political dominance of Trump and present an alternative choice for Republican voters in the next presidential race.

The announcement has triggered intense speculation and discussion among political analysts and party members alike.

DeSantis's record as Florida governor, his staunch conservative stance, and his effective handling of various state issues have propelled him into the national spotlight.

Supporters view him as a promising candidate who can carry the torch of conservative principles while offering a fresh perspective on key issues.

 The decision by DeSantis to formally request participation in the presidential race is seen to be adding an intriguing dynamic to the Republican primary landscape.

It sets the stage for a potential clash between two influential figures within the party, with each candidate vying for support and advocating for their respective policy agendas.

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