Food Security: Kuwait, Bahrain Praise Global Wheat Deal

Published July 23rd, 2022 - 06:38 GMT
How do you get the wheat out of Ukraine?
Farmers harvest barley in a field in the Ukrainian Kharkiv region on July 18, 2022. SERGEY BOBOK—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Kuwait and Bahrain expressed contentment Friday for a deal that will allow the resumption of Ukraine’s grain export via the Black Sea.

Praising the role played by Türkiye and the UN in getting the deal signed in Istanbul, Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry said the agreement is a step that will contribute to global food security and fall in food prices.

“This, hopefully, would constitute a move that would lead to political resolution between Ukraine and Russia,” it added.

Similarly, Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry hailed the deal as an important step to ensuring food security, especially for countries that were negatively influenced because of a halt in Ukraine’s grain export owing to the ongoing war.

The ministry also praised the efforts of Türkiye and the UN.

“Negotiations and dialogue are the best way to reach constructive solutions to the contentious issues between the two countries, including a ceasefire and a peaceful settlement of the conflict to enhance security and stability on the European and global arenas,” it added.

Ukraine is colloquially referred to as a global "breadbasket," and is the world’s fifth-largest wheat exporter, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

UN officials warned in June of endangered world food security due to Russia's war on Ukraine, saying it poses the threat of famine, destabilization and mass migration worldwide as Russia blockades the Black Sea ports that normally send grain to the world.

Internationally praised for its mediator role, Türkiye coordinated with Moscow and Kyiv to open a corridor from the Ukrainian port city of Odesa to resume global grain shipments long halted due to war, now in its fifth month.

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