Four Palestinians dead as Jordan police kill three on Israel border

Published July 19th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Israeli forces killed on Monday two Palestinians in the ًًWest Bank city of Tulkarem, witnesses said. Local sources said that Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles backed by Apache helicopters, swept into Sayda village, around 10 kilometers north to Tulkarem, and launched a house-to-house search campaign. 


They added that Israeli soldiers broke into some houses and forced its inhabitants to leave, shortly before demolishing a house, leaving their inhabitants homeless. 


According to Israeli media, in the course of an arrest operation in Tulkarem area, troops "thwarted" a suicide bombing by shooting to death a Palestinian "wearing an explosive belt". 


The troops spotted the man during the operation in Sayda village and opened fire. As a result of the fire, the explosives detonated and the Palestinian was killed, the Israeli reports indicated. The man was later identified as Basel Abu Shihab, from Tulkarem refugee camp. A second Palestinian was shot dead a few hours later.  


All in all, eight Palestinians were arrested by the Israeli forces. Another one was wounded.  


Israel Radio added an Israeli officer was seriosuly injured Monday, during the raid in Sayda. The officer was wounded when Palestinian fighters opened fire on the raiding occupation troops. 


Earlier, an Israeli soldier was lightly injured on Monday morning, after Palestinians opened fire on two military vehicles patrolling near a settlement in the Jordan Valley. Police immediately closed the main Jordan Valley road, south of the Israeli town of Beit She'an. 


Jordanian border authorities shot and killed three armed men in a 3 1/2-hour gun battle Monday to prevent the men from crossing the border into Israel and arrested a fourth man, government spokeswoman Asma Khader said. 


Police were investigating the early morning clash in Waqas, a small village near the Jordan River that is 60 kilometers northwest of Amman. 


Border patrols detected movement in the area and alerted the four men to surrender, but they opened fire at police who then shot at them, killing three, Khader said. 


The fourth man surrendered and was detained, she said. 


The shooting began about 6 A.M. [local time], Khader said. She said the identities of the men were not known. 


Khader declined to provide other details, citing the investigation was in progress. 


Also early Monday, Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinians in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, medics and security sources said. They affirmed that a Palestinian child died of wounds she sustained last week after being shot with a live bullet in her face when Israeli soldiers opened fire on houses in Tal-Zourob neighbourhood. 


Palestinian security sources told Wafa that a Palestinian was killed when Israeli soldiers, positioned in Salah al-Deen Gate, opened heavy machine gunfire.  


Also in the Strip, an Israeli ship launched missiles at the house of Palestinian activist on a beach camp, wounding three Palestinians. A spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committee said the air strike was aimed at a house used by Abu Yusef al-Kuka, the group's leader in northern Gaza. 


In Jenin area, Israeli soldiers thrust, at pre-dawn, into Tamon village and nabbed a Palestinian women. Later, Israeli soldiers abducted a Palestinian man in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Eyewitnesses told Wafa that Israeli jeeps and tanks stormed al-Fawakrah neighbourhood and launched an all-out search campaign in local houses, arresting Ahmad al-Haremi, 28. 


Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, two Israelis were lightly hurt in a shooting attack in the West Bank. Shots were fired at them from an ambush near the village of Kablan. They continued to drive to Tufah Junction, and were then taken by ambulance to a hospital. (

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