French police launch manhunt for eighth Paris attack suspect

Published November 15th, 2015 - 07:23 GMT

Police in France have issued a request for information on the whereabouts of a Belgian-born man wanted in connection with the Paris attacks.

Twenty-six-year-old Abdeslam Salah is described as dangerous and authorities have warned he must not be approached.

In claiming responsibility for the attacks, ISIL (Daesh) said it had sent eight militants to Paris. The French authorities say seven terrorists died on Friday night.

Earlier, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF said, quoting the country’s federal prosecutor’s office, two of the attackers involved in the wave of shootings came from Brussels

Belgian police have carried out a series of searches focused on the Molenbeek district of Brussels and prosecutors said they were investigating a connection with a Belgian hire car found in Paris near the scene of the deadliest of the attacks.

Meanwhile French police have questioned the father and brother of a man suspected of being involved in Friday’s coordinated attacks in Paris.

An unnamed source cited by Reuters news agency confirmed police were holding people close to one of the attackers.

Police have identified one of the men as a French citizen. Authorities had already flagged him as a potential Islamist militant.

Belgian police arrested three people on Saturday (November 14) in raids linked to the Paris attacks.

Belgium’s prime minister said at least one of those held is from the Brussels district of Molenbeek. He was believed to have spent the previous evening in Paris, where two cars with Belgian number plates were impounded close to some of the violence, including the Bataclan music venue.

Molenbeek has been connected with two previous attacks in France. Security officials said weapons used in a Paris kosher grocery store in January were acquired in Molenbeek. Those used during the attack on board a train from Brussels to Paris were acquired in the same district.

French president Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and announced three days of official mourning after three coordinated teams of gunmen and suicide bombers carried out a wave of attacks across Paris that killed at least 129 people. Hollande called it an “act of war” by the group calling itself Islamic State, or ISIL.

World leaders gathered in Turkey for a G20 summit have pushed the fight against ISIL to the top of the agenda.

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