GAM collected 80.000 tones of Garbage in Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr

GAM collected 80.000 tones of Garbage in Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr
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Published September 26th, 2010 - 11:19 GMT

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Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) sanitation staffs collected around 10.000 tons of garbage in Eid Al-Fitr holiday from Thursday to Sunday. Meanwhile, 70.000 tons of garbage were collected in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Eng. Amin Al-Sarairah, GAM's Garbage Operation Department Manager said that the collected garbage was transferred to manufacturing stations, which delivered it through high capacity mechanisms (trailers) to Al-Ghabawi dump so it would be treated with scientific methods and health conditions and in accordance with environmental standards.

In addition, he said that more than 200 sanitation mechanisms have been working round the clock in Eid Al-Fitr holiday, indicating that all cemeteries and mosques piazzas were also cleaned for Eid Prayer. Meanwhile, all main and sub streets and sidewalks were swept manually and automatically.

Sarairah also revealed that main streets' garbage containers were replaced and supported with 400 new containers, noting that the Municipality dedicates around 450.000 JOD within its annual budget to new containers, and 200.000 JOD for containers' maintenance.

He further noted that the number of metal containers is 22.000 with a capacity of 1100 liter each, and the number of plastic containers is 2000 with a capacity of 770 liter each, distributed all over streets and neighborhoods in Amman regions according to waste collecting crushers routes, and population density.

GAM's Garbage Operation Department ran the manufacturing station's third compressor in Ramadan in Al-Sha'er which deals with 40% of garbage received; Sarairah noted that the station's capacity in Al-Sha'er is 95% of all garbage coming to Al-Ghabawi dump.

He added that work in the manufacturing stations and garbage treatment department in Al-Ghabawi during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr went for 24 hours.

"The field working staff was increased in the evening shifts as to cope with the change of consumption pattern which results in more garbage of all types; domestic, commercial, industrial within the two occasions."

Sarairah pointed out that the second cell of Al-Ghabawi dump received, ever since it first operated in 2008 until Ramadan, 2.5 million tons of garbage. "GAM has started works last to set up a third cell in Al-Ghabawi which with a total cost of 2 millions and 700.000 JOD," adding "for now the excavations are done, most probably the third phase works will be done by the end of November this year."

In addition, he said that Al-Ghabawi dump will include 10 cells to serve Amman, Al-Zarqa, and some of the adjacent municipalities to Amman until 2025, noting that Al-Ghabawi now serves around 52% of Jordanians.

GAM has divided sanitation operations within the city into 6 regions; the first includes Al-Madeena, Basman, Zahran, and Al 'Abdali while the second includes Tareq, Marka, Al Nasr, and Al Yarmouk.

The third sanitation region includes Al Qweismeh, Badr, Ras Al Ein, Al Muqablain while the fourth includes Badr Al Jadidah, Wadi As-Seer, Marj Al Hamam, Na'our, and Husban. In addition, the fifth includes Tla' Al 'Ali, Shafa Badran, Sweileh, Abu Nseir and Jbeiha meanwhile the sixth includes Uhod, Al Jeezah, Khrebet Al Souq, Al Mwaggar, and Sahab

The amount of garbage collected from all regions, depending on population density, vary from around 500 tons per day in the first and 200 tons per day in the sixth. 

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