GAM Divides King Faisal Plaza Project into Phases to Reduce the Effect on the Stores and Traffic Movement

GAM Divides King Faisal Plaza Project into Phases to Reduce the Effect on the Stores and Traffic Movement
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Published August 22nd, 2010 - 12:06 GMT

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Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) resumes working on the development project of King Faistal I Plaza in the City Center, after dividing the work into 4 phases, each of which branches into parts, to reduce the effect on the stores, and the traffic and pedestrians movement.
GAM planned the Project’s schedule during the Holy Month of Ramadan on two shifts, the night shift finishes at dawn, with the aim of making use of time to complete the project within the set 10 months.
Faisal Plaza is one of the most important urban spaces in Amman city historically, economically, and traditionally. The current project is complements a chain of projects in the City Center to create urban spaces for the citizens.
Executive Director of Engineering, Eng. Ibrahim Hashem, said that GAM removed the old sideways in the area adjacent to Souq Al Sagha (Jewelers Market) from Chapsogh Street until the street of Arab Bank. GAM also finalized maintenance works including infrastructural installments as water, electricity, rain water drainage pipes, and rocky pavements according to the set designs.
He also announced the commencement of operation within the 2nd part of the 1st phase which covers the area between Arab Bank and Al Quds (Jerusalem) restaurant.
The Project of renovating King Faisal plaza aims at restoring the memories of that place, promoting the urban spaces, protecting historical sites, reviving the spirit of the city center, refreshing the commercial movement, and empowering the location on touristic and historical levels.
Eng. Hashem stated that GAM took and prepared all public safety measures during the execution of the project, which was initiated last June, and he also expected the project to be finalized during the summer, next year. 
He further clarified that the work areas include restoring the pathways and stairs connecting Faisal Street with Basman and King Ghazi Streets, the meeting point of Chapsogh road with Faisal Street, the works on the middle islands of Faisal Street, which split it in two sides, right and left, in addition to the middle island between Al Saadeh and Rida Streets, the intersections with the streets: Al Hashemi, Prince Mohemmed (Wadi Al Seer), and King Hussein (Al Salt Street).
The 10 month project extends over a space area of 17,000 m2; it will be executed in 4 stages, the first from the northern side of the plaza, including the stairs and the pathways leading to King Ghazi Street, the southern side comprising the stairs and ways up to Basman Street, while the 3rd and 4th phases consist of the median island.

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