GAM Hashemite Plaza Upgrading Due Next Summer

GAM Hashemite Plaza Upgrading Due Next Summer
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Published August 31st, 2010 - 10:26 GMT

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Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has completed 30% of Hashemite Plaza rehabilitation works which it commenced last year.

The project, which is due next year, aims at reviving down town and is primarily developed for the sites' touristic possibilities and potentials. In addition, it will provide emerging business opportunities and a vibrant environment.

The Hashemite Plaza is redesigned to transform it into a welcoming urban space with green areas, cafés and shops.

GAM's Executive Director of Engineering Ibrahim Hashem said that the completed work is commendable being in the foundation stage with special tackling of infrastructure. The Municipality had to remove and transfer service lines and warehouses such as those in line with Al-Taj Street, remove inner plazas, stairs, walls, and current basins, in addition to excavation works.

He noted that GAM has set retaining walls to support the eastern street leading to Jabal Al-Jofeh, in cooperation with the Department of Antiques and Tourist Police, to provide a proper entrance for Roman Amphitheater visitors and bus stops in the plaza behind the Region's Directorate.

According to Hashem, GAM has completely finished excavations, infrastructure, water drainage network, walls, foundations of basins, water tanks, and all infrastructure works of fountains.

The 40-donum project includes public and entertainment outlets which embody the landmarks of the old Sail (stream) running in the area.

Hashem noted that the symbolic design of the stream will include 30 metal chutes covering the stream course, and 22 on the side walk in line with Al-Hashemi Street, adding that updating works include executing the course from beginning to end of the Hashemite Plaza, 300 m of which will be paved in various widths, ornamented with natural colored stones.

GAM has already completed 25% of the Touristic Guidance and Promotion office; consisting of 4 floors on 1200 m square. The office is set to include a floor for services and health units in addition to a restaurant, coffee shop, terraces in the other floors. In addition, a huge screen will be put up to display the activities held in the Roman Amphitheater as to best promote the area in terms of tourism.

The project will also feature a 4000 square m plaza adjunct to the Roman Amphitheater, in order to combine the theater with its surroundings. In addition, GAM will set up 210 square m buildings to vend tickets, 3 cafés, fountains, lighting, plants, trees and flowers.

The Municipality is carrying out a number of construction and complementary works, including rain water drainage networks, watering networks laying irrigation infrastructure from tanks to basins.

Hashem highlighted that the Municipality is taking more "green" spaces into consideration within the project especially that down town is quasi green-free. 

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