GAM Increases its Working Shifts at the Emergency Rooms to Deal with the Weather Conditions

Published March 22nd, 2010 - 12:42 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) inspected on Saturday (27/2/2010) the rain water drainage manholes in the tunnels (in the 6th circle, 7th circle, Said Khair, Abu Hureira, and Palms Village), to ensure that they are ready for the expected weather conditions on Sunday.

City Deputy Manager for Public Works, Eng. Fawzi Mas’ad, said that GAM closed the traffic flow of the aforementioned roads, in cooperation with the Traffic Directorate, to clean the drainage manholes, remove soil, and ensure their ability to drain water smoothly and easily.

He pointed out that GAM increased the number of its shifts teams working in emergency rooms, to deal with the weather conditions and changes. He also clarified that 90% of the fall down cases in some streets are service contractors’ sections executed by other service companies and establishments, noting that GAM handled these collapses with cold mixes.

He further emphasized that the increase in water levels in some streets, after the heavy rainfall, delayed drainage for few hours; GAM also treated the water gatherings caused by drainage lines blocked with soil and waste bags.

Mas’ad ascertained that all claims and notes raised by the citizens have been handled, and they were mainly fluids in the drainage lines because many citizens linked their houses’ gutters with the sewage network.

He stressed that the rainwater drainage lines contained the water quantities in the streets of the Capital, and that the emergency rooms received many notes which were tackled on the spot.
Mas’ad called on the citizens who live in buildings lower than the street level to take all necessary precautions, such as not to connect their lines with the sewage network lines directly, and install retainers on the main lines which link such buildings with the main lines of sewage networks, these steps shall hopefully prevent water from pulling out and reversed leakage.

He explained that water springing out from the drainage manholes is attributed to illegal houses connection with the sewage network lines which are incapable of holding such amounts of water, which, at the end, cause water flooding from the manholes in locations that affect the grasp capacity of these drainage manholes.

Director of Roads Complementary Works Department at GAM, Engineer Amjad Ayoub, pointed out that the water flow on houses in Um Al Basateen region was caused by the water amount running in a natural stream which carried some residuals as trees and caoutchouc (rubber), closing the water boxes, which eventually caused the water fluid.

He mentioned that GAM cadres immediately cleaned the water box and managed the situation by installing pathway for citizens walking to their houses.

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