GAM Puts BRT Second Phase to Bid

GAM Puts BRT Second Phase to Bid
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Published September 26th, 2010 - 12:18 GMT

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Mayor of Amman Omar Al-Maani said that Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will put to bid the second phase of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Princess Basma Street after Eid Al-Fitr break.

Maani stressed that GAM's works of the first BRT phase in Queen Rania Street are commendable, and are being carried on, noting that infrastructure works and transferring service lines took a lot of time.

He also said that Queen Rania Street users will witness the velocity of works' pace once the infrastructure works are over, noting that GAM lately requested the contractor to work after Iftar to speed the pace the works and avoid any delays through winter.

"BRT is the core of GAM's work and one of its most vital projects through which citizens will experience substantial progress in transportation when it is finished after 2 years," he said.

On another note, Maani spoke about GAM's latest works in Al-Rahmaneya Neighborhood in Sweileh, in line with His Majesty King Abdullah II' directives.

"Al-Rahmaneyya works will be finished before Eid Al-Fitr. The upgrading works which include road maintenance works such as removing poles which lay in the center of roads and allies, paving, in addition to setting up a huge public park on a GAM owned property of 7.5 donums," the Mayor said.

Maani noted that GAM has monitored the social ambiance, and heard out residents' demands to insure their participation in a variety of social and cultural activity, adding that a Ramadan tent has been put up on a GAM owned land for activities.

In the radio show "With the Mayor," aired Saturday on GAM's radio station, Maani revealed that he will visit with the BRT project, and Faisal plaza site in downtown accompanied by the engineering team, to check work progress.

He also added that his daily sudden tours to different areas of the city aim at hearing peoples' demands and remarks, in addition to their feedback on sanitation, among other issues and concerns.

In addition, Maani tuned in for citizens' remarks through the radio show hosted by Rozin Al-Naber, commenting on the last shows' remarks. 

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