GAM Transfers the New Abattoir’s Tender and Implements it in 2013

Published March 23rd, 2010 - 11:33 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, highlighted that the proposal to build a new abattoir will most probably take place in Al Madouna area during the last quarter of the current year, to become operable in 2013.

He said that the capacity of the current abattoir in Ein Ghazal became insufficient in light of the demographic growth which represents one of the reasons behind the decision of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) building a new abattoir. Ein Ghazal was a remote, isolated zone when the abattoir was first established in the early seventies, but now it is crowded with housing neighborhoods, and is part of the city center.

The Mayor pointed out that the new abattoir will include butchery for livestock and poultries, in addition to a water purification station, electricity generators by collecting and burning methane gas, and parking lots for the vans; there will also be clinics and laboratories in the same complex.

During the program “With the Mayor” broadcasted on Hawa Amman FM, the Mayor said that 100 dunnums of lands near the new market of Al Halal in Al Ghabawi Street have been acquisitioned to build the new abattoir.

As for the tender basis, he declared that GAM resorted to the experiences of the private sector, and said “Upon an in depth study, we found that the best way to set up this important plant is by design, building, operation and transfer (DBOT) system”.

He added that GAM announced, in local and international newspapers, its interest in international companies and alliances for this project, and it received 13 proposals from local and foreign companies, 4 of which have been qualified.
He emphasized that the space area of the project and its proximity to main streets, in addition to the prevailing topography represent motivating factors to build the new abattoir in that location.

He further stressed on GAM’s strategy to support and promote the national industry, provided that no side effects that endanger the citizens’ health and safety, noting that plastic factories shall be located in industrial zones, far from the housing neighborhoods.

Maani said that GAM recently restricted the licenses renewal or issuance for plastic factories in Sahab and Mwaggar where 90% of this industry is concentrated, unless compliance with environmental requirements is met, especially that lots of the factories are built within commercial or residential categories of the land occupation system.

According to Maani, many factories of the industrial zones have not reported any violations, except for some notes on the noise and the dangerous waste treatment. Upon notification from GAM, the said factories have rectified the situations satisfactorily. He also explained that the crux of the problem lies in the fact that some plastic factories do operate among residential and commercial neighborhoods, and being classified as an industry, makes it produce negative impacts on the health of the citizens.

The Mayor called on the plastic factories owners, who were given time to make good on their violations, to resort to Sahab and Mwaggar directorates to obtain the necessary licenses.

He also responded to the citizens’ notes raised in the last encounter, followed on their notes, and promised to address the new remarks in due time.

It is to be noted that, at the beginning of the program, the Mayor welcomed Fadel Maarek as a new member in Hawa Amman FM family.


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