GAM Treats Blockages and Water Gatherings in Various Regions of the Capital

Published March 23rd, 2010 - 10:57 GMT
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has continued to treat drops in the contractors sectors with cold mixes in various regions of the Capital’s streets. The Municipality has treated blockages of rain water drainage manholes in the Sixth Circle and Abu Huraira tunnels, which resulted from swept away soil and garbage.
The Deputy City Director for Public Works, Engineer Fawzi Mas’ad said that the heavy rain covering the whole Kingdom since last Thursday raised the level of water in some streets, and its drainage was delayed.
Engineer Mas’ad affirmed that rain water drainage lines have absorbed all the rain water in the streets of the Capital. He also added the emergency rooms have received many observations from the citizens and tackled them, a big percentage of which was the problems caused by sewage systems lines.
The GAM official called on the citizens living in the low areas to take all necessary precautions by avoiding the direct connection with the sewage systems, and by setting up repelling systems on the main line that connects low buildings with the main sewage lines to prevent reverse water drainage.
He further clarified that the water flow from the drainage manhole lines to the streets during rain fall is a direct result from the illegal household connection to the drainage system which is not geared to absorb rain water. According to him, this is bound to cause flooding out of the drainage manholes in certain sites.
GAM, declared Engineer Mas’ad, has announced the medium alert status, and will eventually increase the number of workshops to deal with the prevailing low altitude in accordance with the Meteorology Department bulletins, and the changes that may occur.
In the same context, Engineer Ahmad Khreisat, Director of Roads said that GAM has successfully treated the drop of the service contractor sectors at Wasfi Al Tal street, Ibn Zuraiq, the Sports City neighborhood, Al Ayan behind Carrefour, Najeeb Al Sa’d Al Batayneh/Daboug, TV Residential Complex, and ‘Aisha Al Taymouriah street in Al Mgabalein.
The treatment also included  service sectors at the streets of Princess Rahma in Tla’ Al Ali, and Princess ‘Alia/ The Sixth Circle in the direction of Tutunji traffic light, Ibn Arabi street, and Dr. Mohammad Al Basheer in Al Shmeisani.
GAM has also tackled the swept away soil which resulted in the gathering of water at Prince Al Hussein Ibn Abdullah II detour at the Airport road, and work is under way to clean the water course of a small tunnel blocked by water gathering in the street leading to the Middle East University.
According to Engineer Khreisat, GAM treated the fall down of the wall of Bilal Ibn Rabah mosque in Al Yasameen neighborhood, resulting from water gathering beside the wall. Treatment also took care of water penetrating into some households as a result of a swept away tree which blocked the small tunnel.
Engineer Khreisat called on the residents of Amman to cooperate with GAM cadre, and not to hesitate calling emergency numbers: 5359970, or 535971 to file in any remark relating to the prevailing weather conditions.
GAM is normally preparing a comprehensive annual plan to combat the weather conditions in winter, based on declaring emergency status suiting the prevailing weather conditions.
It is worth noting in this context that GAM has two main emergency rooms in Tla’ Al Ali and Ras Al Ein, fully equipped with the proper automotives to cater for any announced emergency status, in addition to the emergency rooms already available at the respective directorates of the regions, to be always on the alert to deploy the work technical teams and the necessary automotives.

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