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Published May 20th, 2009 - 11:08 GMT

Garden & landscaping middle east and hardware & tools Middle East exhibitions marked by innovative business opportunities

Exhibitors participating in the Garden & Landscaping Middle East and Hardware & Tools Middle East exhibitions, which concluded on May 19 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, launched innovative new products for the first time in the Gulf.

“A big number of decision makers and regional buyers from the construction industry, real estate developers, designers, architects, contractors and engineers turned up at this year’s edition of the twin exhibitions. Over 400 international and regional exhibitors were on showcase,” said Ms Elisabeth Brehl, MD of  Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH, exhibition organisers.”

Leading hardware and tools equipment manufacturer Bosch, a long standing exhibitor at the Hardware & Tools Middle East exhibition, launched several new products in the Gulf region using the show as a platform.

Mr. Balasubramaniam Selvam, in charge of the Central Motors and Equipment booth which displays Bosch power tools and machinery said they had inquiries from local companies as well as from buyers from Oman and Bahrain that visited the exhibition.

He said Bosch promoted several products in the region through the Hardware & Tools Middle East platform. These are the GOP 10.8 V-Li Professional multi-cutter which is ideal for trimming, adjusting and repairing.

He said the tool is versatile and could be used to cut wood, non-ferrous pipe, hard plastic, cutting non-hardened nail and can be also used for sanding and pre sanding uneven beams and coats.

The other product is the Combination Saw GTM 12 professional. This mitre saw has a unique laser and high-quality milled angle, supporting accurate cutting to length of wooden beams. It can be used as a table top saw with the parallel guide ensuring high precision when cutting long workpieces.

AS Exclusive of Germany (Eisenknaft), a company selling metal bending equipment used in metal fences, gates and ornamental design for window bars, demonstrated various kinds of metal bending equipment without the need to melt the metal first or without having the skills of a blacksmith.

Rudi Rom, proprietor of the company said he is able to produce elaborate metal “basket” designs and scrolls popular in metal gates for a fraction of the cost of the metal, and make a handsome profit in less time.

Leica Geosystem of Switzerland promoted their Dsta D5 and D8 measuring equipment  at the Hardware & Tools Middle East show. The machine, which uses a laser beam, allows measuring of distance without the need for a measuring tape. The product could measure a 45 degree angle. The measuring range of this equipment is 0.05 - 200 metre (0.16 - 656 feet) with an accuracy of + - 01.0 mm (+ - 0.04 inch)

In the Garden & Landscaping Middle East exhibition, Lavaris Lake promoted ecological and biological lake products at the show. The company also promoted products for the purification of drinking water and cleaning of swimming pool water organically without the use of chlorine.

Bark Enterprises of South Africa showcased their organic products and mulches at the show. Lelani Trollop, proprietor of Bark Enterprises, said “The use of mulch in the soil prevents water evaporation”. She said “Mulch adds humus content to soil and promotes soil conditioning.”

Majority of the global production in the hardware and tools industry takes place in the China.The Chinese pavilions at both the shows received positive response from the visitors, as on an exclusive diplay were some of the most advanced products being introduced to the regional market.

This year the exhibition duo reflected future developments and trends in the landscaping and hardware industries of the Middle East. The verdict of the visitors on the business opportunities presented is optimistic even amid the economic downturn. The U.A.E generates impetus that accelerates resiliency throughout the region, not only in the garden, tools and DIY industries, but in the overall infratsructure and developments.

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