Gaza Strip: Scores of Palestinians captured in Israeli raid

Published May 29th, 2008 - 12:04 GMT

Dozens of Palestinians were captured before dawn on Thursday in an Israeli military incursion in the northern Gaza Strip, witnesses said. Israeli troops used loudspeakers to order residents of the Beit Hanun area aged 16 to 60 to gather in a square, and then took away about 60 of them, according to an eyewitness.


The Palestinian Ramattan news agency said one of its cameramen, Ashraf al-Kafarneh, was among those captured.


An Israeli military spokesman confirmed the raid. "During a routine activity by the Israeli army in the north of the Gaza Strip, about 60 wanted Palestinians were taken by security services to be interrogated," the spokesman told AFP. Witnesses said armoured military bulldozers destroyed farmland during the incursion.


Meanwhile, a 29-year-old Palestinian civilian died of his wounds on Thursday, one day after he was hit by Israeli gunfire in southern Gaza Strip, the head of Gaza emergency services said.


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