Golan Settlers Protest Israel’s Concessions to Syria

Published June 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Israel's Golan Residents Committee (GRC) on Sunday denounced the government's "concessionary policies" toward Syria, despite reassurances from Prime Minister Ehud Barak that Israel would not cede sovereignty over Lake Tiberius, reported the Jerusalem Post.  

The GRC reaction followed comments over the weekend by justice minister, Yossi Beilin, indicating that the government might be willing to discuss giving Syria some access to the lake, as well as to a strip of shore northeast of the lake, as part of a future peace deal, said the paper.  

During the weekly cabinet session on Sunday, Barak stressed that the door to peace talks with Syria was still open, but there had been no change in the government's position regarding Israeli authority over the lake and a strip of land around the lake.  

His clarification, however, did little to pacify GRC activists, who accused Barak of not learning the lessons of previous negotiations held with the late Syrian president, Hafez Assad, said the paper.  

"The prime minister is once again proving to the Syrians that they are right in their intransigence and that every Israeli proposal which is described as the last concession is really just the opening stance for the next concession," GRC spokesman, Uri Heitner said.  

"The previous offers made to the Syrians, which were rejected by them, were tantamount to surrender and dealt a severe blow to the national and basic interests of the State. The fact that the government is proposing to add to this by proposing more concessions shows a lack of national responsibility," he told the paper - Albawaba.com  


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