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Published March 31st, 2010 - 08:41 GMT

Aspetar, Qatar’s only and the region’s first specialized Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, today hosted a series of lectures by  leading dental specialists discussing the importance of oral and dental health to key members of Qatar’s sports industry.

Dr. Wissam Bejjani, Director of the Sports Dentistry at Aspetar, gave a presentation on the importance of dental health to professional athletes, citing a number of examples where an athletes’ hard work in preparation for an event was undone due to poor dental health.

“The main goal of our Sport Dentistry is to provide athletes and patients with the highest quality treatment and care”, Dr. Bejjani said. “This helps ensure nothing is left to chance with the health and wellbeing of every athlete who is treated at Aspetar.”

There are established links between oral/ dental health and other  health areas, making the need to take proper care of one’s teeth all the more important. Oral health has even been recognized by the World Health Organization as integral and essential to general health and as a determinant factor in quality of life. Knowledge about maintaining good dental hygiene therefore has an important and long term impact on young athletes.

Aspetar plays a key role in Qatar’s sports industry. Aside from providing quality sports medical care, Aspetar is proactive in educating Qatar’s athletes in areas of preventative care. An appreciation for dental hygiene can lead the way in staying healthy by removing the risk of poor health through bad teeth.

Dr.  Mohammed Alsaey, Dental Consultant, Aspetar, explained: “At the Vancouver Winter Olympics earlier this year, a new IOC mandate was announced now requiring 20 per cent of all athletes competing at IOC events to visit a certified dentist during IOC competitions”.

Research has established links between oral bacteria and heart disease. Although no dental treatment can assist in treating cardio-vascular disease, the link points to a need for practicing good oral health as part of general well being.


We know that dental health is connected to a number of more serious conditions. Diabetes, which is one of the Middle East’s more prevalent health conditions, can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, salivary gland dysfunction, fungal infection, infection and delayed healing, and even taste impairment.

Also speaking at the event were Hamad Medical Centre dentists Dr. Noof Al Obaidly, Dr. AbdulAziz Al Kandari, providing the public health perspective throughout the sessions. For athletes and the general public alike, good dental and oral health begins at home and is taught from an early age, according to Dr. Amal Keyrouz, Dental Specialist at Aspetar. 

“With the use of fluoride toothpaste, mouth rinse, and professional fluoride treatments, fluoridation has been shown to reduce tooth decay by 18-40% among children and by nearly 35% among adults”, Dr. Keyrouz said.

“Good nutrition equals good oral hygiene and subsequently good dental health. And good dental health is a critical component of overall health”, he said.

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