Greater Amman Municipality Celebrates Centennial with Notable March

Published September 27th, 2009 - 10:28 GMT

Under the Royal patronage, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is launching next month "The Centennial March" as part of its celebrations of the 10th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah II's accession to the throne, and the 100 years of the first municipal council in Amman in 1909.

The march will take place on October 9th, commencing from the Roman Amphitheater in the downtown, on foot all the way through to GAM's premises in Ras Al-'Ain region.

Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani officially announced details of the march in a press conference held at GAM head office. He said that the march rounds off the Municipality's centennial celebrations, aiming at marking Amman and its citizens who helped in developing it and observed its growth under the insightful leadership of the Hashemite dynasty. Accordingly, Amman has become a modern, highly developed metropolitan that carefully strides towards realizing its vision, being a contemporary and secured city that is proud of its heritage and culture.

Maani stressed that the march comprises a number of distinctive activities that reflect the particulars of the past 100 years of Amman's history, which witnessed a major development in all aspects, and progressed from a small village to a modern city.

The same goes for the Municipality which grew from a municipal council to the Greater Amman Municipality that it is now, overcoming many challenges, and developing the concept, level and quality of services for the citizens.

Maani praised the efforts exerted by sponsors of the march, which helped in reaching its goals that will certainly influence the City and its citizens. The sponsors represent the private sector, whose efforts are emanating from their commitment to enhance the corporate social responsibility amid institutions.

In the same context, Maani replied to remarks raised by the audience, regarding expenses of the march. He said that the private sector covers most of the expenses, since GAM was keen to mobilize all of its employees to ensure the march's success.

The Mayor noted that work is underway to hold the event, in cooperation with the concerned parties, including the Traffic Department on the subject of imposing detours on the streets the march will go through.

It is worth mentioning that Amman's march will shed light on the different ancient ages of Amman's history that dates back to over 8000 years. The march will link the present with the past, acknowledging the past achievements with a vigilant eye on the future.

On his part, the Mayor's advisor for tourism and investment affairs, and director of the Centennial March, Khalid Burqan said the march will be a major celebratory event, the first of its kind in the region in terms of the number of participants who will represent people from all walks of life. The march is also distinctive by the variety of its programs, and style.

He said that the march will kick off on 3 pm of Friday, 9 October 2009, in front of the Roman Amphitheater, ambling on the way to GAM's premises, for about three hours full of fun. Hundreds of thousands of people will have the chance, for the first time, to watch the carnival-like activities broadcast by Jordan Television in a live transmission from the site.

The march will to celebrate 100 years, 10 decades of the history of the City, present, past and residents. It is going to be divided into 10 epochs/decades and each is celebrating the major events that formed historic landmarks in the City's history. A decorated composition will lead each part of the march, followed by the various multicolored units that are full of life, embodying Amman.

Over 2000 participants will take part in the units, along with tens of the mobile decorated vehicles, horse riders, camel riders, air shows, infantry units that include folkloric troupes and students from different schools and universities, as well as scouts, representatives of the professional associations, and entertainers.

Director General of Jordan Television and Radio Corporation, the march's media sponsor, Jareer Maraqa said JTV and Radio Jordan are ready to broadcast the event live, in cooperation with the Arab Broadcasters Union. He noted that JTV will broadcast a number of programs that tell the story of Amman's development, including "Hakaya Amman" (Stories of Amman), and "Hadatha Huna" (Happened Here).

Meanwhile, representatives of the sponsor companies expressed their pleasure to take part in the march which conforms to their strong belief of the communal work, and leaves positive influence on the community at large. They also expressed keenness to celebrate Amman the way it deserves.

The sponsors commended GAM's major role in serving its citizens and enhancing the quality of service, expressing their keenness on preserving Amman's heritage, and maintaining its forthcoming present, and helping to build its flourishing future.
It is worth mentioning that the Centennial march is sponsored by the Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan Commercial Bank, National Paints, JTV, Al-Fareeda, and Al-Kawn.


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