Greater Amman Municipality Launches “Amman, the Most Beautiful Place Ever” Project

Published March 17th, 2010 - 08:25 GMT

Amman, the Most Beautiful Place Ever” is a cultural project launched by Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) at Al Rayah (the flag) Al Hashemiyah park under the patronage of the Manager of Amman City, Ammar Gharaybeh, with the aim of enhancing proper social conduct among the youth of the City.

The project, which is supervised by the Directorate of Culture at GAM, is comprised of a series of open workshops, the first of which is titled “Keep it Clean”, and is focusing on public cleanliness and the environmental conservation.

Engineer Gharaybeh addressed the youth by saying, “GAM is currently working on the institutionalization of interaction between GAM on the one hand and the local community on the other”.

He pointed out that the local community, which is served by this park remains an integral partner of this project, and is always called upon to help make it a success.

The Director of Amman City further stated that GAM, in the coming period, shall embark on conducting field visits to the respective households of Amman to distribute questionnaires for the purpose of collecting information as to the topics of recycling, the proper times for getting garbage out of the house, and the public cleanliness.

On his part the Executive director of Culture, Engineer Samer Khreino, pointed out that the other workshops of the project shall tackle social topics such as respect of time, law abidance, and relations among members of the society. He said that the workshops will be organized in 20 parks dispersed in the various regions of the Capital.

The workshops, which were co-organized by Al Ward (Roses) Bridges Cultural Corporation and Waqt (Time) Center for Studies, and a number of activists, intellectuals, and artists, included training on handicrafts, especially that those related to the title of each workshop, topics on public participation, stories and games, in addition to a competition directed towards the target audience among school students, focusing on painting and writing.

The participants, before being divided into three groups: one for painting, another for handicrafts, and the third for beautification of the Park, listened to a story (the life story of a miniature leaf), which was narrated by the writer Haya Saleh, and tackled the subject of public cleanliness and recycling.

Plastic artist, Jalal ‘Ereiqat joined the youth in making formations, and artistic works of materials apt for recycling, such as empty cans and cardboard, which were reshaped to produce new, useful, and beautiful materials.   

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