Greater Amman Municipality Organizes Awareness Lectures on H1N1 Disease

Published September 27th, 2009 - 09:23 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has recently held awareness seminars on N1F1 within the context of a series of lectures on the disease.
Engineer Haytham Jweinat City Deputy Director for Cultural, Social and Sports Affairs inaugurated the first lecture at Rainbow street under the title (Prevention Awareness Against H1N1 Disease.)

Eng. Jweinat said that GAM, as another national institution, is charged with a big responsibility towards awareness programs, and educating the citizens on how to handle this disease. He pointed out that the public interaction with the specialized departments is but a sound proof of peoples’ keen interest in knowing more about the disease.
This, is itself, helps spread the benefit and knowledge among them, explaining what the disease is like, its symptoms, and prevention methods.
GAM official stressed the Municipality keenness to conduct awareness seminars on this disease in various locations of the Capital, Amman, oriented towards residents and visitors to realize the greatest awareness ever towards this dangerous disease.



Pharmacist Kawthar Jaber reviewed during the seminar how people contract the disease, ways of contamination, symptoms and how to deal with it upon diagnosis, and ways of protection.

On his part, Dr. Waseem Abu ‘Aashour, from Jordan Hospital, reviewed prevention methods, how to handle such world epidemic threat, and the latest international developments in regards to prevention and protection.

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