Haaretz: Northern Gaza-West Bank Passage Decided Upon Palestinian Conditions

Published May 30th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Following months of bickering between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the location of the northern passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it was finally decided that a transit station would be set up at Mevo Horon on the Green Line, reported Haaretz Tuesday, citing no sources. 

The Israeli daily said that in certain circles, Israel's agreement to establish the passage at a location that the PA originally wanted is seen as a concession. Furthermore, it said, there are those who believe that Israel is signaling its willingness to come to terms with the main Palestinian territorial claims. 

The Taba accords established that two "safe passages" would be created between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for the use of the Palestinian population. A series of discussions took place over the issues of travel permits and security, and solutions were finally reached. 

The location of the northern passage occasioned most of the arguments between the two sides. Israel opposed the idea that the location would be on the Green Line and asked for the station to be set up deeper inside Palestinian territory. The Palestinians insisted that the station should be at Mevo Horon, right on the Green Line on the eastern part of the Gaza Strip. 

According to the paper, The dispute created repeated delays in the opening of the safe passages, including the southern passage on which both sides were in agreement. Finally, the PA saw fit to open the southern passage several months ago. Now, all that remains to be decided is whether the station will be built several hundred meters to the east or west of the Green Line – Albawaba.com 

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