Hariri Likely to Become Premier Next Week Despite Protests

Published December 15th, 2019 - 08:37 GMT
Hariri (AFP File Photo)
Hariri (AFP File Photo)

Saad Hariri is “likely” to be designated as prime minister next week, a source from the presidency said Saturday. 

Hariri, currently the caretaker PM, returned as the most likely candidate following the withdrawal of businessman Samir Khatib last week.

However, Hariri faces a daunting task of forming a new government if he is nominated by MPs. President Michel Aoun has called for binding parliamentary consultations on Monday. 

“He [Hariri] is likely to be designated on Monday, but we don’t know the form of the next government or who will be in it,” so it’s likely to take “some time” for the next government to be formed, the Baabda Palace source told The Daily Star. 

“Nothing has been agreed upon,” the source added, in reference to the type of government that will be formed.  

Aoun has been unsuccessful in trying to reach an agreement on the type of government before a premier is designated. 

Hariri wants to head a government made up of experts, independent from political parties. But Aoun - with Hezbollah and Amal Movement - has expressed wanting a government made up of political representatives and independent experts. 

Aoun’s son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, who also heads the Free Patriotic Movement, said his party wouldn’t participate in a government headed by Hariri. 

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