Hezbollah fighter killed by Israeli spy device

Published September 8th, 2014 - 05:39 GMT

Hezbollah operative Hassan Haidar was laid to rest over the weekend after Israel detonated a spy device he was attempting to disable near the town of Adloun in south Lebanon.

The funeral procession started in the town of Ansariya Saturday afternoon with the participation of a number of Hezbollah figures, headed by the leader of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Raad, and mourners from surrounding towns and villages.

Many raised banners praising Haidar and affirming the unity of the people, the resistance and the army. Some older women held pictures of their sons who has also died in the line of duty fighting Israel or in Syria.

They poured rice and flowers on Haidar’s coffin as it set off from his house, which was featured in the 2010 Iranian-Lebanese film “Janoub al-Samaa” (“The South of the Sky”) about the 2006 July War.

The mourners carried the coffin as they raised their fists to the sky and someone chanted, “We are not afraid of Israel, we are not afraid of ISIS, even if they kill us.”

One of his neighbors, Abu Mustafa, described Haidar as a “calm person” who “loved to help others” and always had a smile on his face.

As the coffin arrived at the cemetery, a group from the Islamic Resistance, the military wing of Hezbollah, arrived wearing military uniforms to pay their respects as women wailed in mourning.

After the prayer, which was performed over the body by Sheikh Yusuf Dammoush, Haidar’s comrades bent over the coffin, crying as they wrote their names on it in hopes of following him to martyrdom.

His mother, Ghada, rushed forward to caress her son’s coffin and said she celebrates Hassan as a martyr. Haidar left his mother a handwritten will asking her to forgive him and not to cry for him or wear black, and to commit to the path of “wilayat al faqih,” the system of Islamic governance practiced by Iran.

Haidar was on patrol when he discovered the Israeli spy device in al-Kaf al-Ahmar, east of Adloun, an area overlooking the sea road between Sidon and Tyre. He attempted to disable the device, which was hidden inside a camouflaged fiber cast made to look like a rock. An Israeli drone remotely detonated the device, which was connected to a number of explosives. Informed sources said the device was likely either used for eavesdropping on Hezbollah’s phone network or monitoring specific security movements.

Hezbollah is constantly searching for such spy devices planted by the Israelis in strategic places in southern Lebanon and many have been found, sometimes with the help of the Lebanese Army, in places such as Barouk, Sanine, Sarifa Valley, Houla Valley and Zararieh Valley.

Adloun is not far from the town of Ansariya where, on the night of Sept. 4, 1997, 12 Israeli commanders were killed after they walked into a Hezbollah ambush while attempting to carry out an operation in the area.

By Mohammad Zaatari


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