Hizbullah ready to open new page with Lebanon parties

Published July 19th, 2008 - 06:00 GMT

Hizbullah Secretary General Deputy Sheikh Naim Kassem said that the Operation al-Radwan completed this week between the his group and Israel was exceptional since it revealed the unity of the Lebanese people, the popular and official unanimity over the liberation of detainees.
Speaking to Qatari daily Al-Arab, Sheikh Kassem stressed that Hizbullah supports any pattern that would lead to additional understanding, dialogue, unity and consensus. The "Doha Accord opened the gate to understanding and closed the past chapter," he added.
Sheikh Kassem also expressed Hizbullah readiness to open a new page and overcome all what has happened, calling to focus on the future on the basis of the national-unity government that was formed lately. "When I stand side by side with PM Fouad Saniora, this indicates our readiness to open a new page," he pointed out.
On the defensive strategy, Sheikh Kassem reiterated once again Hizbullah readiness to discuss it "with an open mind," adding that the Resistance party will commit itself to any results reached through dialogue. "The coming days would prove that we are ready for any sound logic that leads to the creation of a capable, strong and just state," Hizbullah deputy leader declared.
He also said that the group has no reservations over restoring relations with the Future Movement headed by MP Saad Hariri. "We have declared our readiness for dialogue and meetings in order to reach results," Sheikh Kassem emphasized, noting that such meetings could reflect positively on the field. "Maybe we would have more meetings in the coming days that could facilitate, one way or the other, more treatment," he said.
Sheikh Kassem also stressed that Lebanon is still in a state of war with Israel, which continues to infiltrate the skies of Lebanon and poses a serious threat.

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