Hundreds of millions around the globe follow President Obama’s first media interview with Al Arabiya

Published February 2nd, 2009 - 08:27 GMT

Hundreds of millions around the globe follow President Obama’s first media interview with Al Arabiya

Subsequent global media commentary and analysis produce volumes of news, editorial pieces and online activity

Global media, press, commentators and policy makers are still analyzing the decision of US President Barack Obama to give his first sit-down interview to an Arab TV network nearly one week after the event.
Why did the new US President single out Al Arabiya as a platform to engage Muslims around the globe? What does this signal to Arabs, Muslims and the rest of the world? Is there a particular message in the choice of the messenger, and if so what is it? How does this interview alter the news-making, news-breaking agendas, and how did Al Arabiya succeed where competitors have failed?
These and other questions were raised by anchors and analysts all over the global media. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBSNews, FoxNews, Euronews, Sky News and other TV networks around the world dedicated hours of coverage to re-broadcast the Obama interview first aired on Al Arabiya and hosted a mob of commentators, pundits and analysts to dissect, probe and scrutinize its timing, from and content. One headline on CNN’s website described the interview as “The message the Muslim world was waiting for.”
Hundreds of news articles, opinion and editorial pieces have been published across print and web media, some of the most prominent included articles in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Time Magazine and many other leading media outlets.
“How al-Arabiya Got the Obama Interview,” Time Magazine Online.
“Respect is not enough,” The Guardian Online.
“On Arab TV Network, Obama Urges Dialogue,” The New York Times.
“Barack Obama tend la main au monde musulman,” Le Monde.
”Obama sends clear signal via Arab TV,” The Financial Times.
“Obama Voices Hope for Mideast Peace in Talk With Al-Arabiya TV,” The Washington Post.
International newswires such as The Associated Press, Reuters and AFP were quick to publish a full transcript of the interview along with commentary and analysis from experts in international relations and the Middle East region.
On, different cut-down and translated versions of the Obama interview on Al Arabiya have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since they were posted and have seen large responses on forums, blogs and user generated pages.
Below is a selection of some of the weblinks leading to stories about the first  interview by President Obama:
• CNN:
• CNN I:
• ABC:
• CBC News:
• Fox News:
• Sky News:
• Time:,8599,1874379,00.html
• The Guardian:
• The NewYork Times:
• Le Monde:
• The Financial Times:
• Reuters:
• The Washington Post:
• Associated Press:
• YouTube:

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