IBQ announces second scholarship programme for Qatari students

Published September 19th, 2010 - 07:56 GMT

IBQ recently announced that it has granted academic scholarships to a new group of Qatari students enrolled at university. This programme is one of several initiatives championed by IBQ to recruit and retain young Qatari talent and is in parallel to the permanent annual Qatari Development Programme which has been running at the bank for 3 consecutive years.

This scholarships programme is part of a long-term plan from IBQ to support the training and recruitment of young Qatari talent and support the nation's initiatives that aim at creating the right set of skills for the available career opportunities. The scholarships for 2010 were offered to 10 students enrolling in majors of Accounting, Legal studies, IT and Statistics which are critical fields for Qataris to gain expertise in and which the bank is hoping to increase representation of Qataris. The students are all enrolled in Qatar at the following universities: Qatar University, College of North Atlantic College and Stenden University.

George Nasra, Managing Director of IBQ said: "IBQ is committed to the future Qatari talent with interest in banking and finance. Education is our guiding social responsibility principle and we have been committed to the recruitment of new Qatari staff in our aims to become the "Employer of Choice" in Qatar. We strongly believe that a knowledge-based economy is an essential component for success and therefore we strongly invest in the academic welfare of the country. Our efforts in the recruitment, training and retainment of Qataris at IBQ have been recognized by the Ministry of Labour. "

In 2009, the bank provided scholarship to 12 students both in Qatar and abroad. One student has already graduated from a Masters programme from the UK. 

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