Intel deploys processor ‘Star’ ratings to help consumers choose their PCs at Gitex Shopper

Published October 8th, 2009 - 09:40 GMT

Intel Corporation today announced their plans to introduce a new PC star rating tools at Gitex Shopper. The rating system is set to effectively articulate Intel’s latest processor offerings, helping end users make an informed purchase decision based on their requirements.

The new guide rates Intel processors on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with each star representing a combination of features including cores, threads, GHz, cache, performance per watt, architecture, and other technologies. These features will provide valuable benefits to PC buyers and contribute to a better computing experience. More stars indicate greater features such as increased GHz or cache. 
“Over the last 40 years Intel has been a consistent innovator, bringing “tomorrow” to meet consumers ever changing needs. In this digital age computers are today more advanced than ever before with tremendous progress being made possible through innovative silicon developments by Intel,” commented Nassir Nauthoa, Intel General Manager, GCC. “At Gitex Shopper, the key electronics fair for the Middle East, we want consumers to find out just how accessible the digital age is. The STARS rating program aims to highlight in a simple manner how to go about selecting a PC system to meet a consumer’s specific computing needs.”

“The fast pace of change in technology requires that consumers are consistently well informed in order to make the right choice when buying either a Notebook or Desktop system. This STARS rating system aims to simplify the buying process and be a guiding tool for consumers in the Middle East to relate to technological advances” added Nauthoa.

Attendees to Gitex Shopper will be aided by the starts rating system through a dedicated Intel stand and being showcased at shopper include the latest mainstream desktops and laptops and ultra-thin laptops powered by Intel latest Core processors and an array of Netbooks powered by Intel Atom processors.

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