Intel Introduces New Computer Chip

Published June 30th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

In response to AMD's earlier release of the its gigahertz chip, named Athlon, Intel Corp. announced in a press release on Wednesday the launch of its new high-end Pentium 4 computer chip. 

Formerly code-named Willamette, Intel's new chip will run 50 percent faster than the company's fastest chip so far.  

The Pentium 4, which goes on sale this fall, runs at a "clock speed" of 1.5 gigahertz, or 1.5 billion cycles per second. 

The company did not release price or other details on the microprocessor -- essentially the heart of the computer.  

Intel has been competing with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to produce the fastest central processing unit.  

AMD and Intel both introduced chips running at 1 gigahertz in March.  

Computers operating at such speeds are essential in a world where new generations of Internet commerce, gaming and entertainment require greater processing power, chief executive Craig Barrett said while unveiling the new name at Intel's Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters. 

Nevertheless, experts generally agree that cash used to buy new CPUs should be saved and spent on more memory, a better video graphics adapter or other peripherals since software developers have not caught up with chipmakers. 

Intel and other chipmakers, who typically get much of their profits from chips with higher processing power, in the past year have accelerated their rollout of speedier chips because of breakthrough manufacturing technologies.  

Much of the existing software on the market today requires far less processing power than the fastest chips provide, although the new chips demonstrably speed up games and graphics -- ( 

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