Intifada-era IDF chief could be arrested in UK for war crimes: Israeli TV

Published June 21st, 2015 - 05:00 GMT

Israeli diplomats are feverishly working to prevent the arrest of Shaul Mofaz, the former IDF chief of staff and defense minister who is expected to land in London on Saturday evening, Channel 2 reported.

Israeli officials are concerned about Mofaz's possible arrest after failed attempts to secure immunity for Mofaz, who is now a private citizen after retiring from politics. 

According to Channel 2, Mofaz was en route to London on Saturday evening to take part in a conference. He is expected to land late Saturday, after which it is uncertain whether he can evade arrest.

Two officials from the Israeli embassy in London are on their way to the airport to greet Mofaz. The Foreign Ministry said it is prepared for any eventuality.

Mofaz was chief of staff during the second intifada. After entering politics, he assumed the post of defense minister.

Four years ago, the British government approved a change to the controversial universal jurisdiction law, used by activists to obtain arrest warrants for alleged war crimes aimed at Israeli dignitaries who visit the UK.

The law previously allowed private complaints of war crimes to be lodged against military personnel even if they were not British citizens and the alleged crimes were committed elsewhere. High profile targets in recent years have included former foreign minister Tzipi Livni and former defense minister Ehud Barak.

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