Iran Press Expo: more media freedom, government criticism

Published November 10th, 2015 - 10:47 GMT

The Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ali Jannati, stated that government should not divide the press based on their eligibility to mount criticism on the government.

Jannati spoke at a press conference at the Press Expo in Tehran on Monday. He stated that all media should have the right to criticize the government.  

Jannati was responding to a question about President Rouhani’s remarks on Saturday, where he famously said that state media funded by the government should not dare to criticize the government. Jannati’s statement contradicts this, with special considerations.

In criticizing the conduct, no media should be barred from its inherent duty - regardless of their private, state, and institutional origin. The theme of the Press Expo is ‘fair criticism and accountable answers.’ What I understand from president’s remarks is that some state media embarks on harsh criticism of the government, which is not constructive - but disconcerting and unfair,” said Jannati.

Criticism should provide the best examples of realistic view, veracity, and building confidence,” he concluded.

Editor's noteThis article has been edited from the source material

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