Iranian Reformist Tells Parliament His Son ‘Dreams Of Living in US’

Published December 19th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A member of Iran's pro-reform majority enraged hardliners Tuesday by disclosing that his son "dreams of living in the United States." 

"I have a 12-year-old boy who has been harassing me for a year or two to go live in the United States," said Behrouz Afkhami, a movie director and liberal member of parliament. 

"My son thinks the United States is the home of all things good. ... At first I thought my son was joking but one day it dawned on me that my other children were saying the same thing," said Afkhami. 

"My son is now asking me why I was elected an MP, as we will have to stay in Iran for four years," he said. 

Afkhami said his speech before parliament was to point up "the West's cultural invasion," but conservatives were visibly angered by it, with several shouting out: "Down with America." 

In a response, hardline MP Gholamheidar Ibrahim-Bay denounced Afkhami's movies as pro-US propaganda. 

"Mr. Afkhami has confused the parliament with the film set," he said, accusing Afkhami of "expressing his own desire by attributing it to his son." 

Iran and the United States broke off diplomatic relations in 1980, when Iranians took hostages at the US embassy shortly after the Islamic revolution ousted the US-backed shah -- TEHRAN (AFP)  



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