Iranians protest French headscarf ban

Published September 7th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

An estimated 200 members of Iran's Basij group (volunteer force) on Tuesday staged a fresh rally outside the French embassy in Tehran in protest at a ban on Muslim girls wearing the headscarf in French state schools. 


"France is a prison for women", "France's decision is against human rights," and "French law is a disgrace," were among the slogans heard being chanted by the crowd. 


Some three-quarters of the demonstrators were women dressed in the all-enveloping black chador.  


The chant of "Death to France" also featured among the more usual cries of "Death to America/Israel".  


At the end of two-hour gathering, one of the protestors read out a statement from university student Basij members demanding the French government "to accelerate annulling this inhumane and unethical law."  


In addition, the statement warned that "if the French government continues to enforce this Satanic law", the Basij - a volunteer branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards - would pursue legal action in "international tribunals". (

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