Iraq: 12 Missiles Target Secret Mossad Bases in Erbil

Published March 13th, 2022 - 11:31 GMT
Erbil City
Erbil (AFP File Folder)

Iraqi media say scores of ballistic missiles have hit secret bases of Israel’s Mossad spy agency in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, with reports of fatalities among Mossad officers there.

Citing security sources, Iraq’s Sabereen News reported two Mossad training centers were targeted by ballistic missiles in the early hours of Sunday.

Al-Mayadeen reported that Mossad’s base, located on the Masif-Saladin in Erbil, was “fully razed to the ground and a number of Israeli mercenaries were killed or injured” in the precision strike. 

Reports, quoting Kurdistan region's intelligence sources, said as many as 12 ballistic missiles were used in Erbil attack.

“Twelve ballistic missiles were launched from outside Iraq to target Erbil, the state news agency quoted the Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan region as saying.

Security forces are on high alert and the roads to Erbil airport have been closed.

Local media reported that alarm sirens were activated in the US bases in Erbil and its embassy inside the highly secured Green Zone of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The local Kurdish interior ministry said the US consulate’s new building also sustained material damage in the missile raid. No Americans were hurt and there was no damage to US government facilities in Erbil.

Iraqi media say following the attack, American military aircraft have been carrying out overflights over Erbil.

A spokesperson for the regional authorities said there were no flight interruptions at Erbil airport. 

It is not the first time that secret Mossad bases come under attack in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

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