ISIS releases video of kidnapped Lebanese soldiers

Published August 24th, 2014 - 03:13 GMT

Video footage of seven Lebanese soldiers held captive by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) was released Sunday, one day after a video of policemen and troops detained by the Nusra front was circulated online.

LBC displayed the video on their website, showing the seven Army troops stating their names and ranks.

The video was delivered to the Lebanese government by the Committee of Muslim Scholars, which recently stepped back as mediators for the release of the abducted security personnel.

LBC reported that a list of four other names was released by the Abu Hasan al-Falastini group, an ISIS-affiliated militant brigade, shortly after the video was released.

The four men were transferred to ISIS, taking the number of abducted soldiers under the hold of the Islamic State to 11.

A video of eight abducted ISF members and one kidnapped Army member was released by  the Nusra Front yesterday.

The end of the video showed the abducted members circulating a small piece of paper among them as they delivered nuanced variations of what was essentially the same message: “We demand that Hezbollah withdraw from Syria.”

One of the hostages tried to push his comrade's hand below the camera’s lens as if to hide the paper.

The Nusra Front is said to be holding three soldiers and 15 policemen out of the 29 security personnel held hostage by the militant groups. ISIS is also said to be holding a corpse of a deceased soldier.

The militants have so far released eight security personnel - five policemen and three soldiers.

The Committee of Muslim Scholars announced Friday the suspension of its mediation efforts, in a move that reflected difficulties in the negotiations with the captors and the government’s refusal to meet their demands.

The suspension of the committee’s role also appeared to be aimed at giving a chance for foreign actors to mediate with Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants entrenched on the rugged outskirts of the northeastern town of Arsal near the border with Syria

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