Israeli Arabs stage general strike

Published October 1st, 2009 - 03:16 GMT

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee (HAMC) in Israel has called on all Arab comminutes in Israel to declare a general strike on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the October 2000 riots that left 13 Arabs dead at the hands of Israeli police.


Thursday’s strike marks the third time the Arab sector in Israel has gone on a general strike. The other two strikes took place on the first and third anniversaries of the riot. In recent years, the Committee decided against a public strike due to concerns over public perception.


According to a statement issued Wednesday evening, Arab citizens of Israel will protest racial and political incitement, home demolitions and discrimination. The strike is also held to show solidarity with Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Marches held in the hometowns of those killed and the main rally was held afternoon in the town of Arraba. Arab public figures, members of foreign embassies and relatives of those killed attended the rally. “Representatives of nine different embassies confirmed their attendance. They are afraid of Israeli diplomatic pressure, so they said they would rather it not get out,” HAMC secretary Abed Anabtawi said.


Anabtawi added that 90 percent of the Arab sector in Israel participated in the strike. “It should be taken into account that the strike is not just about the October events. The Arab public is very aware of the institutional trends in all aspects of life, be it Lieberman, the fascist and racist legislation, discrimination and the demolition of houses,” he said.

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