Israeli Army Forces Arrest Palestinian Activist Muna Al-Kurd

Published June 6th, 2021 - 08:08 GMT
Israeli army forces arrest Muna al-Kurd on Sunday morning.
Israeli forces detained Muna al-Kurd, known for her activism against the occupation in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem. (Twitter)
Israeli Army Forces Arrest Palestinian Activist Muna Al-Kurd

By Sally Shakkour

Israeli forces arrested Palestinian activist and journalist, Muna Al-Kurd, from her house in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem on Sunday morning.

According to her father, Nabil Al-Kurd, said that: "the Israeli occupation police arrest my daughter, Mona Al-Kurd, and are looking for my son Muhammad."

Muna Al-Kurd has a degree in communications and journalism and her family is one of the 27 Palestinian families who face the threat of deportation in Sheikh Jarrah.


The 23-year-old activist said to her family: 'don't worry' while being dragged by the Israeli army forces. Israeli police continues to search for her brother Mohammad to arrest him as well.


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