The Israeli Army Targets Palestinian Kids in Gaza

Published August 7th, 2022 - 07:38 GMT
Targeting kids in Gaza
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ALBAWABA - Israel is clearly targeting women and children in its latest military operation on Gaza that began last Friday afternoon. 

The 'militants' which Israel claims to be targeting are kids who are scared of the bombs dominating the Gaza skies. 

Pictures of kids killed by Israeli warplanes are dominating the media. 

This is how the young ones were once but no more. 

Targeting kids appears to be the exercise for so-called professional Israel soldiers, clearly not the ethical nuance armies are supposed to be enthusing:

At least six children were killed in a blast in a residential area near the Jabaliya refugee camp north of the Gaza Strip on Saturday bringing the tally of children killed since Friday to eight. Among them are two brothers aged five and 11 in the Jabaliya refugee camp according to Press TV.

Medical sources in Gaza identified the two brothers killed in the Israeli assault as Moamen Al-Nayrab and Ahmed Al-Nayrab, with the Palestinian Health Ministry saying the regime’s brutal raid had since Friday left at least 34 people dead and 215 wounded the Iranian source added.

Palestinian kids rescued from under the rubble made by Israeli big guns:

Women at the end of the barrel:

The reaction of the little girl to the bombing:

Fearing the Israeli bombs:

Some of the 'militants' targeted:


An old Israeli story that begun with its endless wars and bloody mayhem on Gaza. 

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