Israel's 'No Surprises Policy' With The US Slammed by Netanyahu

Published August 5th, 2021 - 07:57 GMT
Biden (left), Netanyahu
Joe Biden, left, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel’s prime minister enjoyed a strong relationship with former US president Donald Trump © Matthew Hinton/AFP via Getty Images

AlBAWABA - Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused the new Israeli coalition government lead by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of surrendering its sovereignty to Washington due to its 'no surprises' policy.

This was part of an alleged pledge made by Israeli's new Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last June that Tel Aviv will agree to a "no surprises" policy and will coordinate with Washington over particular plans it may want to pursue in the future. 

Netanyahu slammed these comments as reported in the Israeli media, saying it will tie Tel Aviv's hands and effectively turns Israel into a US protectorate, surrender its independence with a duty to report to Washington as reported in the Palestine Chronicle. 

Also as reported also in The Times of Israel Netanyahu said:  “The information that is sent to America could be leaked to major media outlets and in this way our operations will be thwarted,” he said during a heated Knesset session. “That is why for the last decade I have refused the requests of American presidents to always inform them of our actions.”

Many see the 'no surprises' policy is indeed attempts to stop Israel from pursuing adventurous military actions mostly against Iran.  But many are surprised at the scathing comments made by Netanyahu since his Foreign Secretary Gabi Ashkenazi said back in March that Israel and the Joe Biden White House agreed to a 'no surprises policy' as part of security coordination 



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