Jordan intercepts Daesh messenger pigeon, spy plane at border

Published May 4th, 2016 - 09:15 GMT
A representational image of a pigeon. (Shutterstock)
A representational image of a pigeon. (Shutterstock)

Jordanian border Commander Brigadier Sabir Mahayreh confirmed the seizure of a homing pigeon sent by Daesh in Syria.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Mahayreh announced that a pigeon carrying a letter with a phone number and instructions was intercepted on the way to a Jordanian resident. He also stated that border guards stopped a Daesh spy drone intended for Jordan.

General Mahayreh highlighted that there are spies in the Al Raqban camp near the Jordanian border. While they have attempted cross-broder communication, there efforts have been largely unsuccessful. 

He also stated that the camp has around 59,000 Syrian refugees seeking entrance to Jordan and occupies a 21KM area. Its population is increasing, but there is very little oversight and structure.

He drew special attention that the growing problem of "war merchants" in the camp. These men, funded by Daesh, take advantage of refugees’ needs an blackmail them. Some refugees from Raqqa and Palmyra have been coerced into providing intelligence to Daesh.

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