Jordan arrests 11 on IS-related terror charges

Published September 21st, 2014 - 06:45 GMT

Jordanian security officials said Sunday the Hashemite Kingdom has arrested 11 members of the Islamic State after they confessed plans carry out terror attacks inside the country, the AFP reports.

A security official was quoted saying the 11 men admitted to connections with IS leadership in Syria and were charged with plotting terrorist activisties and "targetting a number of vital interests" in Jordan. Sources say security officials continue to investigate the incident but have not elaborated. 

Alongside Saudi Arabia, Jordan has recently pledged its support to the U.S.-led coalition against the sprawling militant group, which has taken over large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. But not everyone in the Kingdom has been supportive of the intervention stance.

Earlier this month, several Jordanian members of parliament came out against taking part in international and regional intervention campaigns against IS. In a memo signed by 21 deputies of the Lower House, the MPs suggested Jordan refrain from becoming involved in a fight they said was "not our war," but the memo failed to make it past its preliminary stage in the House.

Recently, opposition party leaders called on Jordan to stay out of the U.S. campaign as well, saying the Kingdom should instead fight the group on its own military, cultural and intellectual terms.

Jordan´s capacities have been pushed to the limit coping with more than 600,000 Syrian refugees from the more than 3-year long war in neighbouring Syria.

While the militant group has yet to impact Jordan's borders as it has in Iraq and Syria, many see downtroden municipalities like Zarqa and Ma'an — where unemployment strife and dwindling social services create frequent protests — as potential hotbeds for extremism and subsequent IS support. 


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