Jordan willing to participate in US, Turkey offensive against Daesh

Published August 27th, 2015 - 09:40 GMT

Jordan is willing to be part of any regional coalition against "terror," Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and Government Spokesman Mohammad Momani said Wednesday. 

He was responding to The Jordan Times’ request for comment on remarks by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that Turkey and the US will soon launch "comprehensive" air operations to flush Daesh fighters from a zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey and that Jordan may take part in the operations.

Momani said that Kingdom is already part of the anti-Daesh coalition, where it is an active member and continues to be involved “under any capacity” to help defeat extremism. 

The Turkish official told Reuters that Jordan is among other regional allies, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while Britain and France may join the fight against Daesh in northern Syria. 

He said that talks between Ankara and Washington were completed on Sunday and soon “we will start comprehensive operations against Daesh."

The US and Turkey plan to provide air cover for what Washington judges to be moderate Syrian rebels as part of the operations which aim to remove Daesh from a rectangle of border territory roughly 80 kilometers long, officials familiar with the plans told Reuters. 

By Omar Obeidat

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